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Why us
Thailand's Leading Health Tourism Facilitator

Whether you need a consultation or assistance with reservations, we can help you to get the best health care in Thailand at a significantly lower cost than other treatment alternatives.

Konkai is a Thailand medical tourism agent with which you can minimize your costs of traveling to Thailand for specialized care under the supervision of world-class doctors, as well as save substantial time & hassle associated with researching, securing appointments and arranging travel.

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Thailand's Leading Health Tourism Facilitator

100% Stress-free

We can facilitate your entire trip from start to finish. Not just the medical appointments but we can also help with travel, insurance and more.

Team with Medical Experience

Unlike others, we have staff that is medically trained and has worked in some of the best private hospitals in Thailand.


We are local, fluent in the language and intimately familiar with the culture. We are not outsiders that only facilitate travel.